Christmas Eve Family Picture 2012

Christmas Eve Family Picture 2012
Christmas 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Adyson and Sydnee play soccer all year round which keeps us hopping and we have lots of tournaments!  It is fun to watch them learn and grow.  They are both on competitive teams and Sydnee played for a team for a bit that won most of their tournaments and also were in the Northwest Champions League.  Adyson played for a team where she got to play up to 7 different positions in one game.  It was a great experience for her. Avery played this past fall too and just took off as a player. She was all over the place!  So fun!

Cute Girl!

Dog Pile

Speedy Adyson

Girl's got moves

Sydnee battling it out.

NWCL game in Seattle.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Pictures!

We finally had family pictures and it was a lot of work getting everyone ready!  We had fun and I was so happy to get some updated photos of our family. The kids have grown so much!  We took the pictures at Heritage Park near Lacamas Lake.

My cute girls!


A boy and his dog :)


This is how it usually is...




Love this guy!

Miss Abigail

Is this what they mean by stair-step kids?


Real Life...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mt. Adams

We decided to take Rick and Adyson up to climb Mt. Adams.  It was so beautiful, so hard, and so fun!  Rick and Adyson were rockstars!  They did such a great job keeping up and leading us at times...they carried their heavy packs and didn't complain a bit.  We hiked up to lunch counter on a Friday and camped overnight.  We got up and headed to the false summit before trekking across a saddle to climb up the true summit.  That last bit felt sooo long! We had a blast though and made great memories. We got to glacade  down which was a blast. I wore too thin of pants so it hurt my backside like crazy! We then had to pack up camp and hike all the way out.  We were sooo tired!  Totally worth it though.

All ready to go!

Hiking through the burnt forest.

This was one of the steeper slopes we hiked

Camp!  Cold!

Would have been a great picture except for that hat...

Rick ended up with a poop bag on his head :)

We felt buff on the summit.

My Love

Rick attacking me while glacading...

Beautiful Mt. Adams

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honor Society

Adyson never ceases to amaze me as she strives for excellence in all she does.  That girl juggles so many extracurricular activities and still manages to get straight A's in advanced classes.  She is a joy and a wonder.  It is so nice to have a child that you do not need to worry about doing her best in everything!  She got invited to a special ceremony where they invited her to be in the National Honor Society. We are proud!

Adyson and her cute friends Kaylee and Sydney

Goofy Girls!

Proud parents

Close up...